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In-A-Box is a free science curriculum that you may check out from NE MT AHEC.

In-A-Box is a “traveling resource” designed to enhance your science & health curriculum. It’s all inclusive lesson plans & activities around specific themes give teachers, presenters, group leaders, and others working with children in grades K-8 in the state of Montana the opportunity to use the curriculum absolutely free! 

Use these self-contained “Exploration in Science & Health” kits to discover aspects of scientific careers, the body, and the environment. 

Boxes include: 

Bones & Muscle 

In A Box was created by the Oregon Area Health Education Center (AHEC) and professionals at Oregon Health & Science University in cooperation with Howard Hughes Medical Institute with the goal of providing current health and science activities to inspire students about the possibilities of a career in science. 

Great activities for your students! RESERVE Your Box Today! We will send the Boxes to you for FREE! You are required to return them to us after three weeks. 

How will In-A-Box help my students?

♦ Inspire students to consider careers in healthcare or science 
♦ Boost their Understanding of how technology and teamwork are integral to the science fields 
♦ Connect with local scientists. 

 What's in each box?

Each box has a unique combination of: hands-on activities, models & technology, books & video, teacher & ambassador guides, lesson extensions, and resource lists.

Please contact Beth Brunk at (406) 234-1424  or to reserve.

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