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Montana Health Network is a consortium of healthcare
organizations collaborating to develop products and services
needed to make healthcare more stable, efficient and cost effective.

Montana Health Network Updates

New Fundamentals of Behavior Health Course

October 9, 2018
The purpose of the Fundamentals of Behavioral Health course is to improve quality of care. It provides individuals working in healthcare, the knowledge and skills needed to understand and more
effectively recognize and appropriately respond to behavioral health problems and mental health disorders. This includes adapting to unpredictable situations that may be encountered and responding to angry and/or aggressive behavior. The program consists of six on-line Learning Modules taking approximately 55 hours. The course is facilitated by an online instructor. For more information or to register contact Montana Health Network/NE MT AHEC at 406-234-1424.

AHIMA Grant Received to Support Apprenticeships

August 31, 2018
In August, 2017, Montana Health Network signed a one-year grant from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) to enroll 62 students in CNA and CNA specialty registered apprenticeships. Due to our success, AHIMA has expanded our funding by adding $418,000 to increase the number of apprenticeship by an additional 380 slots over the next 2 years. Apprenticeships in healthcare occupations include Community Health Workers, Behavioral Health Aides, Home Health Aides, Medical Assistants, Phlebotomists, Licensed Practical Nurses and Medical Laboratory Technicians. Please call Trudy Winslow at (406) 234-1420 or e-mail at for details on the educational funding and/or support services we can offer our members through this generous funding.